Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine

The Boy Is Mine est une chanson de Brandy et Monica sortie en 1998. Ce duo est le single des albums personnels des deux chanteuses, Never Say Never et The Boy Is Mine.

Elle est voulue comme une « réponse » à la chanson The Girl Is Mine de Michael Jackson et Paul McCartney.

美國'90年代最夯的單曲之一,總共賣出超過2百萬張,雄據 Billboard Hot100單曲榜冠軍寶座長達13個星期!(並且是從第23名直接跳升冠軍,跳了22個名次也是史上少數記錄之一。) 同一首主打歌,分別收錄在兩位主唱各自的都是第二張專輯裡:Brandy-「Never Say Never」;Monica-「The Boy Is Mine」。

另外此MV,也在1998年MTV音樂Video大獎上被提名了「Video of the Year」與「Best R&B Video」兩項大獎。(前者就是輸給了 Madonna 大紅的 "Ray of Light"。)

這首歌靈感來自1982年Michael Jackson與Paul McCartney (披頭四主唱之一)兩位也同是流行樂天王合作的 "The Girl Is Mine",收錄在Michael 的傳世經典專輯「Thriller」。

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"The Boy Is Mine" is a song recorded by American R&B singers Brandy and Monica. It was written by LaShawn Daniels, Fred Jerkins III, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and Brandy with co-production by Darkchild and Dallas Austin, and released as the lead single from both singers' second albums during the second quarter of 1998. The song's lyrics tell a story about two women disputing the love of a man and were inspired by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's 1982 duet "The Girl Is Mine".

"The Boy Is Mine" was the first number-one pop record for both artists, both stateside and internationally. Exploiting the media's presumption of a rivalry between the two young singers, the song became one of the most successful records of the year, spending a record-breaking thirteen weeks on top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 during the Summer of 1998, and it reached the top five on most of the other charts on which it appeared.
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