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Freely resizable window
Fullscreen mode
UI from cpl (including UI, skin and colour customization)
Global presets
Software and OpenGL rendering engines
Pure vector graphics UI
Supports any DPI displays (including Retina)
No load on the audio thread at all
Variable graphic settings, multisampling levels (hardware antialiasing), variable FPS or vertical sync
Each plugin/visualizer has separate sample sizes, colouring for visualization and preset handing
Channel modes including phase, separate, side, mid, left, right etc.

Vector scope :
"3D view" of waveform, with time as z-axis
Line or point rendering
Lissajous- or "polar" coordinate system displays
Toggleable auto-gain
Balance- and phase-correlation meters

Spectrum :
Precise and classic FFT
Customly developed resonating filter bank, with constant-Q behaviour and windows
Choosable and tunable window functions, including none (rectangular)
Non-power of 2 sizes (freely scaling)
Tunable settings for dsp windows, interpolations etc.
Phase cancellations
Spectrogram or spectral view modes
Freely zoomable in all axes
Logarithmic / linear modes

Oscilloscope :
Inter-sample interpolation in different modes, including fluid lanczos
Assortment of triggering methods like zero-crossing, spectral harmonic analysis, peak/enveloping and timing windows
Time, cycles or beat/tempo mode
Overlaid or separate scopes for each channel
Waveform can be painted spectrally with custom colours for each band, with per-sample in-phase precision
Adaptive grid adjustable in density
Freely zoomable infinitely

Statistics : Graphs over quick/slow RMS, peak values, true peaks, a-weighted loudness etc.

Other :
Stable support on Unix and Linux
Multiple views in the same display
Custom vertex- and postprocessing shaders and effects
Scripting support for certain algorithms (like, triggers on oscilloscopes)

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