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 Grant Stetski 

Truly a DJ of all trades, Taiwan’s “King of Bass” can and usually does play it all. A dynamic performer in every sense of the word, he constantly searches for new ways to challenge himself. A typical Grant Stetski set will go in every direction imaginable and include live Mcing, live drumming and enough turntablism to satisfy even the biggest skeptics. It’s not only the fact that he can do these things but that he can do them so freaking well which has sent his career soaring the last year. With an average show schedule of three gigs a week, he has become one of the most recognizable faces in the southern Taiwan DJ scene. As his tour schedule seems to do nothing but grow, he will surely be in your neck of the woods soon. Breaks. Jungle. House. Tribal. Trance. Speed Garage. Hip Hop. 2-Step. Name your poison. Welcome to

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21/10/2006 03:41

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