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200 Max

This set of Buchla 200 module approximations is the largest number that will fit comfortably on most displays without scrolling. The selection of modules emphasizes variety of functions.

- Two 258-style Dual Oscillators.
- One 2-op FM / Modulation Oscillator combo.
- Quad Envelope Generator.
- Quad LoPass/VCA.
- Dual Bandpass VCF.
- Dual random voltage source.
- Dual/Quad stepLFO/Pulse Source.
- Dual CV Processor.
- Ten Channel Comb Filter.
- Six channel mixer.

The keyboard controls module is based on some of the functions of the 221 Kinesthetic Input Port, including the unique "2D Voltage Source", a joystick that outputs four distinct control voltages: from center up, from center down, from center left and from center right.

These are NOT intended to be a emulations of the sound or precise function of any Buchla modules or instrument; only a way to experience some of the unique 'West Coast' way of thinking about sound generation and alteration.

Patching is by drop-downs at each signal and CV input.

The plugs are 32-bit, Windows-only; they cannot be made Mac-compatible because they were made with Synthmaker, which doesn't support it. To use these on a 64-bit system, there's jBridge

200 Max

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